an easter confession.

when i was little i wasn't afraid of death. i wasn't afraid of an afterlife.

i was afraid of the three days between those two things. the three days when one's body was stuck in a grave. underground. 

that's what i thought it all took Jesus three days to rise from the it would be three days between death and the afterlife. three days when even the soul would lie dormant, interred beneath the sun. 

how i long for that innocence. and clarity. and freedom from the fear of things not worth fearing. 

i really loved this...

and immediately had to buy Alexi Murdoch's, Time Without Consequence (the song in the trailer is from this album). and yes, he sounds like Nick Drake and since i can no longer listen to Nick Drake (makes me just a wee bit sad) this will be a lovely replacement.

ps: thank you Dia for teaching me how to post a video. i had no idea about the edit Html tab (and i've been blogging for how long?)

because many a comment has been made about my eyebrows...

i just thought you should know that...

the other night when i was babysitting....

the little girl asked to steal them (yes, my eyebrows).

she wanted my eyebrows and my painted fingernails.

so even a child of four recognized that my eyebrows are...something else, if you will.

p.s. i wax, that's all. and not even too often. but recently i've been introduced to something called an eyebrow pencil. this has changed my life. i used to think there was no possible way to use one without it looking fake. i was wrong. just adds a little color and clarity. 

as for the picture. 
sometimes instead of ridiculous faces, i make ridiculous poses. 
i'm not really picking my nose. 
or am i?