from Tiger Lily | Jodi Lynn Anderson
i love new year's resolutions. always have. always will. but as i've gotten older the manner in which i've constructed them has changed. gone are the days of lose ten pounds, cut out carbs, or become a totally new person by simply xy or z-ing. i prefer the resolutions to be small mantras that remind me of the person i am--and the person i want to be.
this year in coming up with a few resolutions, i thought why not come up with one for the blog? a touchstone--a set of words to return to for when i felt like i was losing focus here. a north star by which to chart my course.
the words above are not mine. they are on the inscription page of the book Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. but i wish they were mine. as a girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart they touch something deep in me--remind me of who i am and what i want from this life (which is very much the point of the blog).
so for 2013 i will borrow better words and work in service of them.
so is for you're reading this now, if you ever have or ever might again, this is for the girls with the messy hair and thirsty hearts. 
here's to 2013.