i'm doing the world a great service today...

9: method 2--owl eyes

...by teaching men, women, children, and gremlins alike how to properly apply concealer.

under-eye concealer, that is.

(and by sharing some self-portraits that are...ummm...errr. not. to. be. missed).

check it out on THE VIOLET (blog edition).

don't know what the THE VIOLET is? check out the first issue and find out!

(the concealer i used for this post was Trish McEvoy's correct and brighten, shade #1)

i feel pretty. oh so pretty.

it happened tonight.

as i was standing on the subway.

shuffling feet, finding a tenuous balance.

matted, greasy hair.

red, blotchy face (post work-out coupled with sudden onset of rosacea).

and i was eating watermelon. it was all over my fingers.

i felt like a mess. in fact i'm quite sure i was a mess.

and just then, as the watermelon juice began to drip down my chin, it happened, i had the thought:

huh, i feel beautiful. in this moment--just now, i feel really, actually, quite beautiful.

and there you have it. and that is life.