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There was once was a girl who loved words.

And coffee. Coffee, too. 


THE GIRL: Meg. Lover of lattes, cobblestone streets, and any novel set in the 1920's.  

THE BLOG: A guide on how to drink coffee (full-fat and without restraint), soften, and ever-so-slowly suss out a life. This is a blog about becoming. 

Born and bred in Texas, I spent the whole of my twenties in New York City. 

I came to New York at the tender age of 18 to study drama at The Juilliard School. But it was upon graduating that the real education began--life being a tremendously effective (and occasionally brutal) teacher.  

Much of that education is chronicled here. In the archives of this blog: 

(On turning 30. And showing up.  The Fringe Benefits of Confidence.  The whole mess of 2014.  Jettisoning furniture. The apartment from hell. Six years in, and finally(!), a blog manifesto. Moving south of 14th Street. Learning to say yes. And on and on...)

In the span of all of the years since college I have fought relentlessly for a whole and good and purposefully imperfect life. 

And occasionally, I've done okay for myself. And now I'm finally leaving New York

In November of 2016 I quit my job and took a gamble--I flew west and spent the next few months writing furiously and applying  to graduate school (I owe much to the Park City Public Library). I'll be heading to Duke this fall to study Public Policy, and my first book will be published by Icon Books in the spring of 2018. 

It's worth saying, in this moment, I am so deeply indebted to anyone who has ever taken the time to come to to this little corner of the internet. Over the years, your supporthas both humbled and buoyed me . And for that, there are not words enough.