of course i said that.

my place of employment was abuzz last night.

1. dara torres came in. 

she made a big splash at the olympics last year. remember? five-time olympian. 

i took dara's visit as a most sacred and important sign from the swimming gods on high that i am on the right path and should in fact continue in my pool endeavor. 

2. and then andy murray came.

you see there's this little thing going on in ny right now. it's called the us open. 
he came right up to the desk with his friend, but quickly became engrossed by the television screen across the room. his friend and i both looked at him, chuckled and said, well he's gone. and i then said, i guess he kinda likes tennis. and his friend looked at me and said, uh, yeah, something like that. 

you see i didn't realize it was andy murray. andy murray is the number two tennis play in the world right now. yes, that's right. i said that about the number two tennis player in the world as he stood right in front of me. 

the shame that has now been brought down on my tennis loving family. 

why couldn't it have been federer, or nadal, roddick even? i would have recognized them. 

well, so i'm off to swim now. and pay my penance.