the perfect body initiative. day eleven.

why is your body perfect?

I have a perfect body because my back supports all parts of me... even my hopes and dreams.


i must apologize. i have fallen behind. (as well as off the bandwagon). and as i try to climb back on i have taken such comfort in the responses you all have given. so thank you, thank you, thank you. all of you. thank you for reminding me each and every day of just how "perfect" we all are. 

the perfect body initiative. day nine.

Why is your body perfect?

Every time I look at my belly and see a layer of fat...still...I think of my little baby that I had 6 months ago...and then I love it! I placed him for adoption and miss him like crazy, but my tummy reminds me of the miracle that he is! Such a miracle! Also- my hands- HUGE- but so capable!


i just have to say that lucy's story is so unbelievably
inspiring. you must read this.

the perfect body initiative. day seven.

I love my body- especially right now- as it changes and grows to accomodate the baby inside.. it is such a unique feeling and one I feel so blessed to experience!


i finally figured out how to steal
pictures off of your blogs for this
project. if you don't want your
picture or your comment posted
here, please, please let me know.

how gorgeous is Jess? and this is after a workout. enough said. 
and congratulations on the soon-to-be addition to the family!