I Am Thankful...

for hitting the jackpot in the lottery of parents, even if they think blogging is a bad idea.

for Victoria who convinced me to start this thing.
for Rob and the fact that he had his picture taken in only his briefs the first day i met him.
for the sound of rain. It's my favorite thing in the world. Sometimes I'll close my blinds turn on my hour long soundtrack of a thunderstorm and just pretend.
for Steven, who's given me the tools to begin chipping away at that all consuming thing known as ego.
for my love and indulgence in verbose and histrionic language.
for books, books, books. Most especially those by Pat Conroy.
for travel. It just doesn't get any better than that.
for Greg, my second brother, my childhood tormenter, and my great love affair across the Atlantic all in one.
for Connor my actual brother who's going to make millions in the next five years.
for those few glorious years we had Jared.
for chocolate, coconut haystacks. You haven't lived until you've tried one. You'll find them at the sweet factory in Port Authority.
for NYC and all its eccentricities. Even if I feel like I need a break from it every two days.
for my huge four poster bed. A girl could get lost in there for days. In fact, I have.