Family in the best possible way...

The two who brought us all together. And the beginning of what we affectionately call, "the congreg zone"
Goofing around one Christmas.
"Connor, why so serious?" 
Burger Lake outing. At this point Stace and Greg were actually living in the Four Seasons hotel. Man was life good!
All of us together for a good 80's Christmas portrait.
Greg and Connor off to the Christmas dance. 
At the infamous Lupes. 
Robyn and Stace made a quick stop in NYC on their around-the-world ticket. Unfortunately, Stace was sick, I was heart-broken, and we were all exhausted out of our minds. One of these days we're gonna have to try that again.


Stace in her gorgeous dress with husband Nick and the rest of the fam. Robyn, domestic goddess,  actually made her own outfit. Yes, she's that good.
I'm not quite sure what has possessed me to blog on this topic today (oh my gosh, I really am becoming a blogger). I think it has to do with suddenly having a lot of time on my hands to scan pictures (I told you there was no stopping me now), but also having that time to reflect on what's important.
I'm suddenly starting my own life, staking a claim, making it my own. And so, okay, I'm not sure what I want to do, I'm not sure I want to be an actor. And that's okay. I'm happy. Really happy, and I haven't always been. After making the choice to spend my summer at home with my family (ghasp) I spent some time culling through the family albums (stealing all of Mom's best photos--I keep waiting for her realization) and making my own. I wanted to bring something with me for those moments of when I felt most alone. Essentially I was trying to bottle a shot of happiness. I put in pictures that remind me of those people I love most and of the moments that have shaped who I am at this very moment.
One of the great luxuries in life is that we get to choose those people that populate our life.
Christmas of '06 I spent down under with my family (in the conventional sense of the word) and my family (in the best sense of the word). Stace was getting married.
Okay, maybe I need to back up and give a little history. My brother, Connor fell in love at the ripe old age of three with Greg (come on boys--you know I'm using the term "love" loosely, don't get your panties in a twist). When my parents went in for Connor's parent teacher conference they learned of Greg and of how the two would kiss each day before parting ways (and yes, this time I mean "kiss" literally--I can't wait until one of them gets married and all the good stories come out!). Well, because of this my parents met Greg's parents, Russell and Robyn and it was quickly learned that my dad and Greg's dad worked (and still do work) for the same company. So a simple twist of fate brought our two families together: Russ, Robyn, Stace, and Greg. And my dad, mom, brother, and me. However, our families constantly missed living in the same city. We would move to Dallas just as they would return to Houston. We would then leave Dallas for Houston once more, just as they planned to move to Dallas. But somewhere along the way we would make time for ski trips, Burger lake outings, and some old-time Christmas chaos.
Okay, so back to Christmas of '06--Stace was getting married to Nick (who we approved of immediately seeing as he is just divine and the two of them are perfect together). It had been a long time since I'd been to a wedding and its a very different thing witnessing vows as a nine-year-old versus seeing it at the age of twenty-one. For the first time, I began to think about the kind of things I will want people to say about me and about the man I've chosen to spend my life with. It was enlightening. But the other great learning part of the trip is that we were surrounded the entire time by people who did nothing but laugh at themselves. If you can't laugh at yourself, then I'm quite sure you've missed the point completely.
So all this is to say: I want to spend my life laughing and celebrating the small things with everyone I love: my parents, brother, friends, adopt-a-family, surrogate family--the list goes on an on. Because what all those people have in common is this: when I'm with them, I feel like I'm home.