Our very own "Sex and the City" lunch date...

Can you believe in all my trips to the city as a girl growing up, then four years of living here I had never actually been to Bloomingdale's? Though I do remember reading about it in the Babysitters' Club book series (Stacey's father lived so close that she said she could smell it--gosh I wanted to be her when I was a girl!).
Cheersing our gorgeous lives post-college!
The food was delicious--I got the salad, sandwich, fro-yo combo.
We took a lot of pictures. Poor Matthew, our waiter, had his hands full with us.
Vic and I decided we're going to apply for a Fulbright Grant together. Watch out world, we're gonna make a documentary and change the way Americans think about food.
Naomi is as good at taking photos as she is at looking beautiful in them.
Speaking of gorgeous: Carolyn enjoys a little coffee flavored fro-yo.
Double trouble.
My own yogurt before I dig in--so pretty.
It's pretty tasty too.
So yeah, I kinda liked it.
We had a blast. Talked about careers, our lives, skiing, vespas, Utah, boys, living in NYC like tourists, love, becoming clucky (you're gonna have to ask Vic for an accurate definition of this), shifting priorities, and a little more love. Only one thing was missing...
Girl, Chi-town is fantastic, but we need you to complete our circle. Come back!