The is just to say...

I love the smell of new paint. It makes me think of the fourth grade. We were living in a hotel while they painted our house (we had just moved) and we had to bring in apples to make apple juice (who knows why, we were in fourth grade, we did this and spent the whole year writing only in cursive) and I ended up having to bring in sad little apples from the hotel's continental breakfast. 

I love that the smell of paint makes me think of that. 

I love memories.

I hate the book banning, gun-toting, "sexist" screaming, Tina-Fey look alike that is Sarah Palin. Woman, you were chosen precisely because you are just that. You're not shattering the glass ceiling, Hillary did that. You're just riding on the coat-tails of a man.

I hate when you're in a the kind of mood where you end up going to bed in what you've worn all day. 

And I hate when you get up and then wear it all over again. 

Or I love this. Not sure. Jury's still out. 

I hate that I don't know how to add you-tube videos to my blog. 

I love that my uncle and I now have our morning meetings via email.

I love my friends. And my family. 

I love making new friends. In the oddest of places. 

I love finding kindness where you least expect it.

I hate that I have no idea how many m&m's I just ate. Alot. That much I know.