My "the Year of 23" Resolutions.

I've been thinking alot about beginnings lately. New beginnings (is it even possible to have an old topic, back to the point). Those events that mark our lives, bookend memories and then open the next chapter. Here I am twenty-two and the whole of life is just beginning to open up to me. The future is pregnant with possibility.

So in the spirit of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) and my new numerical age I've decided I'm not going to wait around for January 1. I'm gonna make some resolutions now...and they shall be called..."the Year of 23" Resolutions (the title makes me giggle)

Smile More
Take More Pictures
Live by the Mantra: "No Shame, No Guilt, No Punishment"
Fall in Love a Hundred Times A Day
Stop Waisting All My Money on Starbucks Mocha Mint Chip Frappucino Lights
Turn My New Apartment Into A Fabulous Little Abode
Enjoy the Parks. Explore the City. Live like a Tourist (kinda)
Live on a Budget. Save, save, save and make, make, make some Money
Accept the Path which "fate has me assigned"
Risk More. Live with Courage
Put Ned to Bed. For Good.
Open my Mind to Worlds Outside My own
Fail Graciously. And Gracefully (or Flat on My Face)
Live and Speak Truthfully
Of my twenty-three years of life, this is what I know: As soon as I've got something all figured out (especially about myself), it changes. And that's the exciting part.