"You can quote me on that...if you want...on your Blog." Or...10 things you should know about me.

1. MJ (the roommate) hints at things he thinks I should put on the blog. All the time. He's becoming the ghostwriter. And annoying...god, I love him.

2. I hate going to the post office. Hate it. The people who work there move at a snail's pace. This makes me violent.
3. I often write letters and never send them (see above for possible explanation).
4. I almost never take the pills I've been prescribed. This gets me in trouble as strep throat tends to require that the first round of antibiotics be completed. Otherwise it comes back. With avengeance. And I end up sitting in a movie theatre silently sobbing because I can hardly breathe or swallow or think.
5. Once upon a time I was in love.
6. I do not understand people who think it's okay to cut into a clearly established line.
7. I often offer up incorrect spellings of words. Waist instead of waste (Freudian slip?). Sense instead of scents. I ask for your patience with this as they're (not their) all over the place.
8. Pictures are my last frontier. I've gotten to a place where I can feel pretty good about my body, but I look at pictures and still get a fright each time. So, this is may way of saying...the pictures will come...give me time and they will come....I'm working on it.
9.  Tomorrow is my first day off in about as long as I cam remember. And thank goodness for that because this pressure cooker is about to pop (break? blow? I'm bad in the kitchen, remember--so even the analogies confuse me).
10. I've been sleeping on an air mattress for about three weeks now. And right now it's got my name all over it. So, goodnight and here's to hoping I find an actual bed sometime before the year's end.