A girl can't kiss and tell

But for all you kind and curious ones who inquired about "the blind date" I can say this...he was totally lovely. We enjoyed Italian food right up the street with a few of his friends from the city (he was visiting from out of town). And then journeyed to K-town to get our karaoke on. As kind as he was, I felt the true success of the night was the simple fact that I went (my mom had doubts right up until he picked me up). I went to dinner, chose to continue on to karaoke, and even sang two songs. Yael Naim. And Celine. Yes, that Celine. Celine Dion. And I was kinda good. Okay, okay...I was fine. The point is I had fun and got out there and did something I've never done before, but am more than willing to try again. The worst thing you can come away with is a free meal and a blog-worth story.
Thought I must say one of the highlights of the evening came when his friend told me I was the spitting image of Jennifer Connelly. I think it was the new part down the middle he was responding to.
One day Jennifer, one day.