A College Degree?

I excitedly called my father a few nights ago.

Dad, Dad, you'll never believe it...George Eliot was actually a woman!

You see, I've been reading this great book entitled, Once Again to Zelda. It recounts the true stories behind those often cryptic dedications in literature's beloved and best-known works. The title refers to the tumultuous relationship between F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife. 

It's a fantastic read and I'd highly recommend it. I mean really, these people's lives...you just can't make that shit up (pardon my oh-so-politely-placed French).

So my father says, Yeah...you didn't know that? Wow, that says a lot about your high school education. 

But the thing is I had a really fantastic high school education. I could talk about transcendentalism and romanticism till I was blue in the face. And then I could go on for a little while about Faulkner or Joseph Heller. Hell, I could even talk about Myth and Meaning and Joseph Campbell. But I did not know that George Elliot was actually a woman.

So after a minute my dad said, Yeah, I guess it actually says more about your college education.

So I'm left to ask this question: is a Bachelor of Fine Arts more of a euphemism than a degree?