12 healthiest habits: number eleven (socialize). Check.

I braved the cold last night to spend time on 85th and second enjoying the company of good friends (Rob and Vic pictured). Had some wine, laughs, and enjoyed surprising our lovely friend Jaron for his birthday. His girlfriend Erin managed to actually surprise him (throwing the party three weeks in advance of his actual birthday) and was able to fly in his best friends from San Francisco and Minnesota. It was worth the trip crosstown just to see his reaction. On top of that Vic and I managed to get some ideas out for a bachelorette party we're planning...our friend is getting married and we couldn't be more excited (so much more to come on that)! 

Happy weekend...get out there and socialize...after all, it's good for you!

PS: I stole Naomi's headband and I loved it!