It was so much harder than I ever imagined. But I wish I could remember everything. Every comment or story. Every glimpse into the past. So now while I try to gather up all those perfect and poignant memories, I'll leave you with these images...and the promise that the greatest images of this week could never have been captured on film...



The only thing you need to know so far: my grandparents had six children who then yielded many a grandchild. In total there's 30 of us (many with repeating names) so it gets confusing, but just in case you're curious:
1. the first night we got the slide projector rolling. most of the photos were of my father, the first born (sometimes that's how it works, isn't it)--he was an odd looking child, with an awfully big head; and you'll be glad to know the inability to take a straight-faced-photo had begun even then

2. my cousin mike (son of Stephen--child #2 of 6) and uncle bill (husband of Jean--child #5 of 6)

3. myself and my mother checking aunt mary beth's (wife of Stephen) head for her one gray hair; two cousin kevins (the older is the son of Patty (child #4 of 6) and the little one is son of kevin (child #6 0f 6)

4. my brother Connor, Popops and myself; and then John, son of Arlene (#3 of 6), Aunt Patty, and Connor