February is the month of love.

I love Valentine's day. I love that the holiday brings out the best in Gap Body pajamas. I love the heart-shaped sugar cookies my mom makes. I love the hoopla of it all. And I don't need no boyfriend to celebrate it with. I think it's a great chance to celebrate love in all its many forms. 

So, how's this to kick the month off...

I love that when I went to Fairway on Sunday night the store was empty as I've ever seen it. Why you ask? Well, I went during the Superbowl. Football is one thing I do not love (I know, and I'm from Texas).

 Inspired by the near empty aisles, which allowed for me to fully see all the many food options, good and bad, I decided to show some lovin' to my body...note the chicken breast, pumpkin flax cereal, and soy milk. 

So there you have it...this month as I celebrate all those things I love, I will stop hating Ned and start loving my body. Or at least make a go of it.

kisses and hearts to you all...