Last Friday Dr. Bob and I had a really good talk: Part II.

Dr. Bob did the unthinkable. 

He told me the great secret--how we as Americans will finally lose weight.

It boils down to this...

Food has to become harder to get.

I don't really understand this. Yet. But this is what I do understand. We tend to consume more calories on impulse food choices. And the world we live in conditions us to give in to those impulse food choices. Starbucks on every corner. McDonalds next door. Candy in the check out lane. 

Think about this. If you got the sudden craving for a big honkin' hamburger in the 1950's, how easy would it have been to obtain? How much easer would it be to satisfy this craving today? Food is easy to come by. Too easy. 

So the question then do we make food a bit harder to come by? Well...we cook more meals!!

Yes, the great cooking (or rather learning to cook) extravaganza continues. And I must say I'm falling in love with it. My first two endeavors (avocado and lime soup and then curried potatoes) were not especially good, but I did enjoy making them--and I filled up faster. 

My new sidebar "wearing the suit" has to do with something Dr. Bob once said. He told me that the actresses he knows who manage the weight issue best are those that recognize that it's just part of the job. It's like wearing a suit to work--it really is just one component of the job, albeit a necessary one. Right/wrong--it doesn't have to be such an emotional issue. The pictures are the visual to show what 1,800 to 2,000 calories really looks like (I read somewhere that taking pictures of what you eat can be more effective than just writing it down). So right now this will be my little sidebar for the most important job I can think of right now--reclaiming my life, finding happiness.

The brook would lose its song if we removed the rocks. 
Wallace Stegner

Thank God for the rocks and a very happy cooking extravaganza to you!
PS: next time I cook I might just have to try these.