i found this beautiful poem written by la chrysomele reveuse's Dia and just had to share it with you all...

I woke up with a sweet pain in my left arm.

I thought the vernal sun beams mistook their way to the soul,
trying to sneak in.
But when I touched the burning skin
I felt long delicate strands protruding.
Thin strands throbbing in the rhythm of my heart.
Touching them didn't hurt,
but gave me an agonizing feeling of longing.
And I remembered that these last two days
we stood close to each other, our arms touching.
Adventitious roots are growing to reach you.

a feeling i know so well in words i wish i had written.
and on another note: i cannot thank you all enough for your kind words, insightful thoughts, unbelievably touching comments--they mean more then you may ever know. i cherish my memories. i love them all, even the bad ones. and i thank God each day for this because i can't imagine a more agonizing death than simply ceasing to feel. 

photo found here; and they found it on flickr