i keep thinking of things i want to add to my list.

pretty soon my list will be out of control. 

keep nasty comments to myself. have a more positive attitude.
let things roll off my back.
attend church every sunday morning.
stretch first thing in morning. then turn on the radio and dance it out.

now the reason i decided to give up caffeine and soda...at work on tuesday the substitute manager came up to the greeter's stand (i'm a hostess {in case you didn't know} but we call ourselves greeters...don't ask me why, because we sure as heck are doing more than just greeting people) and started to tell us something, but i was distracted by her glaringly white teeth. "what do you use?" i practically shouted at her. she laughed, "well, i don't smoke, i don't drink coffee, and i don't drink soda." no smoking. check (though sometimes i have to admit it looks pretty sexy {but i think kissing someone who smokes tastes like a dry erase board}). but as for coffee and soda. oh boy. long way to go. but if these things also account for her perfect skin and lithe body...well added bonuses, i say! i told my roommate of my plan. he scoffed. so now i'm more determined than ever.

and to make it a bit of fun...i'm drinking out of a pasta sauce jar. it just feels so darn spring-y (even summer-y, if you'll allow). lemonade and ice cubes out of jar. perfection (technically it's crystal light, but hey, it's getting me to down that daily water intake).

this picture doesn't do it justice. 
and yes, that book in the background 
is The Guide to Getting it On.

everyone has given me such good 
advice and suggestions for my list.
i love that you all have your own!
and yes, i put "fall in love" 
last because i know that i have to 
love myself first and this list 
is made up of 25 stepping stones to
help me cross that chasm!

and maybe i will try to publish something...

happy almost half birthday Carlita!

PS...miss rikki came up with her own. check it out and be sure to read her "About Me"--so brilliant!