i love this yogurt, i love this yogurt, i love this yogurt

i don't like yogurt. it has just never been my thing. most especially i hate the yogurt with actual fruit chunks (and keep in mind i eat almost anything, so this is saying a lot). 

but this morning i made the oh-so-very-adult decision to eat my dan active yogurt and pumpkin flax cereal. 

i believe you can learn to love things you once hated.

when i was little and i didn't like to do something (let's say math) my mom would say, "i love the 500, i love the 500, i love the 500"

the 500, you ask? you're confused, i understand. does anyone remember Dan Jansen? he was this speed skater who endured tragedy after tragedy--a speed skater who could never seem to win that elusive gold medal, or any medal for that matter. and he hated the 500 meters. with a passion. so he would repeat, "i love the 500, i love the 500, i love the 500" and do you know what...his last race, his very last one, ever...the 500...he won it.

that is the story as i remember it. wikipedia has a different idea of how things went down (the seem to think he won the 1,000), but that's neither here nor there (though there version is pretty good too).

guess what ned? i love the 500, i love the 500, i love the 500

and all that makeup, 
in the picture?
i know. but i had to
work for the makeup company
today and they like you to wear
quite a bit. quite a bit, indeed.