about *him*

last week i found the following:

After working a fundraiser at Mongolian BBQ -complete with the cheap hat, apron tied around his armpits (he's tall), and hair curling in every direction from the heat of the grill-- he gave me the slow look over, winked, and said "you know you like a man in uniform."

He dresses for his own entertainment. He showed up at my door wearing a pink paisley tie, vest, and a newsies cap. And he looked good.

I was falling asleep leaning against a wall- waiting for his friends to decide which bar to go to. He opened his arms and gave me a look. I stared at him blankly. "HUG ME." I walked up to him and dropped my head into his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. One of his friends commented that technically, I still wasn't hugging him. "I know. This is hug rape."

Last summer, he was bored. He then completed the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run. During the run, he hallucinated and a saw miniature horse and then a koala bear waving at him.

He gave me dancing lessons in Kohls. The dances included tango, waltz, and polka (to name a few). I think the polka was his favorite.

He once asked me if I would like to smell Egypt. I now know what Egypt smells like. There were no bodily functions involved.

After he does anything especially dorky- he'll look over at me, make sure he has my attention, then say, quite seriously, "you like me" while pointing at his chest. He thinks he's reminding me... like I could've forgotten.

i found it here, on technical support. isn't it perfect? it's entitled "about *him*"--doesn't *him* sound delicious?

it prompted the following letter:

dear husband-to-be,

i would like to smell egypt.