about the ants.

this look of consternation? that's because of the ants.

there were five on the windowsill. the first night. 
about two nights ago.

i thought i'd deal with them in the morning. 

then in the morning they were all over the wood floor. 
many. many, many. 

even some in the kitchen.

tonight i found a whole slew on my dresser. 
my dresser for goodness sake!


i'm not okay with this.

i have cucumber peels on the window sill. 
and cucumber peels on the floor. 
but there is no discernible trail to speak of.

traps are next. 

better ants than maggots.

i had maggots once. 

my first apartment.

three in the morning. insomnia. 
reorganizing room. move bed.


product of dead bird just outside my room.
 in the space where the air conditioner could of gone. 
the space that should have been covered. 
dead pigeon in fact. 
do you know that pigeons really do mate for life.
 loyal little lovers they are.

at the time i didn't know it was a dead bird. 
i didn't know what could have brought the maggots. 
so i threw out an old pair of sneakers. 

green sneakers. huge emotional attachment. 

maggots trump emotional attachment. 

i killed each one. each maggot. 
at three in the morning. all by myself. 
all by my lonesome. 

never have i wanted a boyfriend more.
 but need a boyfriend? nope.
 i took care of them, no boy

i'd rather have ants than maggots. 
but ants move faster. 
and they seem to multiply.

what to do...what to do...
more room cleaning tonight...

explanation of above photo:
(wish her luck on defending the
thesis for her MFA)

tagged me. 

Take a picture of yourself right now.
No preparing or primping.
Load the picture on your blog.
Tag some people to play along.

Well, I'm a little late in responding, 
but no primping was done. In fact this
is after a seven hour shift. And 
I didn't photoshop (sweet lord
above--never again will
you see unaltered photos)

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