uploading this video was an act of love

but i needed you all to understand that i fell in love with new york this weekend.

it happened on sunday. the weather turned and with it my eyes opened.

and i was walking through central park, past strawberry fields when a sweet, sweet sounds turned me around and pulled me straight into what is more often than not, just a hotbed of tourists.

tourists there were. but i nestled right in with 'em and held my camera way up high over my head and moved my lovely little behind in time to the music. bliss it was.

please bear in mind this was filmed with my camera and you're hearing it through a computer. this group was amazing. this video does not do them justice, but you'll get the idea.

i'm loving new york this week. the beatles will do that to me.

(ps: "I'll Get You" is one of my favorite beatles' tunes ever--the bridge just kills me! the other being, "I've Just Seen A Face")

but this video took 5 hours to upload--5 hours for two minutes! what's wrong with my computer?