god is in the details.

i had lunch with my dear friend steven today.

he thinks my life should be made into a movie: the story of a twenty-three year old woman trying to find love in the big apple. the twist being this twenty-three year old acts as though she's forty-five.

example: camera cuts to subway. lead reading book. book is "How to Begin Your Life Again!" 

essentially the film would be a combination of two of the most common stories found in films, 1. young girl falls in love for first time; 2. middle age woman finds love again after life falls apart

does this make sense so far?

i know, i know. it needs some work.

but this is all to say...we were brainstorming real life details that make my life quite...well, interesting. like the time i fell down the subway steps and spent a month doing everything i could to stop myself from laughing or sneezing. or...the time i went for drinks at the Ritz unwittingly carrying with me a renegade laundry sock.

or like today...

when i discovered i live next to a male whorehouse.

hmm. hmm. hmm. mmmm.