party, party

Last night a few things happened. And this is how I know I'm growing and getting better.

1. I went to a party because I said I would. Even though it was late. And I was tired. Even though it would have been easier to stay home. But I think it's important to live up to your word. 

2. A guy there told me and my absolutely gorgeous friend, how lovely it is to see girls who look healthy. Ned tried to interpret this word as fat. I told Ned he was wrong. And so I actually took the complement as just that, a complement. 

And while I do really like my friends (most of whom are actors), when the conversation turned to exercise fads and nutrition plans after only twenty minutes, I quietly excused myself and walked to the kitchen to join a different conversation. And I was reminded why exactly I took a year to make health my priority.

I'm winning the war my friends. I am.

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Happy Hunting!

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