fat talk

so i have this thing. i call it ned. ned is the acronym (and euphemism) for my nasty little eating disorder. 

i don't always want to talk about ned. because there is more to me than this thing.


it is important to talk about.

and in my quest to slay the dragon (ned) i've come across some things i'd like to share.

a website giving women a voice to challenge the limited physical representation of females in contemporary society

and on this said website i found...

2. the following video which probes into the idea of "fat talk"; to be honest when i first saw it i thought something along the lines of oh, how silly

but it's stuck with me. 

and it's made me think before i open my mouth. 

and i'm getting better and making ned into a nothing of a man (or dragon) and this has played a part... so if you have a minute (or three)...