what to do in nyc: the subway (the 1 line)

when it comes to transportation, i advocate transport by foot at all times.

however, when it's too far to walk, take the subway. it is safe, easy, and a colorful slice of this city i love. 

if you're here for any amount of time over two days and plan on seeing things all over, buy yourself an mta week-long pass, even at $27 it's a steal--especially since the price of a single ride is going up to $2.25.

i can really only speak to the red line. the red line consists of the 1, 2, and 3 trains. the 1 train runs local, the 2 and 3 run express--meaning they only stop at a few of the stations. the 1 train is a west side staple.

the 1 line runs north to south from 242nd street to the south ferry. however, i began my rudimentary map at 116 for the purpose of focusing on the majority of the areas of interest. 

however, the best resource for travel directions via subway is HopStop.com
HopStop is like mapquest for those of us in the city.

and in creating my map, i referred to this mta website


  • things emphasized in red are my personal recommendations.
  • the double red lines under (96th, 72nd, 42nd, 34th, and 14th {i forgot them, but they should be there} denote the express 2/3 stops.
  • gray's papaya is the best hot dog joint in the city. don't eat hot dogs? walk by for the smell alone. on late nights during college we would head here to fortify the stomach.
  • i included fairway on 74th and whole foods at columbus circle for your picnic-outfitting needs.
  • magnolias (the oh-so-famous cupcake bakery) can be found in greenwich village (the original) or on the UWS (upper west side) at 68th and columbus. as well as a few other places around the city, but i can't speak to those locations.
  • the stores in red, Anthropologie (my scanner cut of the "a"), Zara's, H&M, Forever 21...are the places that I like to shop. i have yet to check out topshop--but when i do i'll be sure to add it to the list. 
  • arte around the corner, located between 72nd and 73rd on columbus is where i like to go to read, write, and sip on iced coffee. after a long day of pounding the pavement, get yourself a glass of wine, here. 
  • central park begins at columbus circle (59th street) and extends up to 110 (i tried to indicate that with the green scribble). i will do a post on the park itself, but my favorite places to check out include the bathesda fountain, the jackie onassis resevoir, and (my favorite) the conservatory gardens (enter on 5th avenue at 105th street). however, up near 103rd and central park west the park is home to a lovely little pond and some perfect picnicking spots.
  • to walk across the brooklyn Bridge for grimaldi's pizza get off the 1 line at chambers street
  • my favorite pizza in nyc can be found at big nick's on 71st and columbus (but this may just be just because i have fond college memories here). 
this is far from perfect, but it's a start.