a pg-13 post? perhaps. tmi? maybe. readers beware.


when the air is cool and fresh i indulge in a late night cab ride. i open the window just a wee bit more than ever so slightly and allow the wind to knock through my hair as the taxi careens down the street at unheard of speeds. and as the cab weaves in and out, this way and that, i fall back against the cool leather completely confident that the driver knows exactly what he’s doing and that there is no safer way to get from one place to another in new york. and with the feel of the wind and the leather pressing in on me, I close my eyes and pray to God above that this is what really fantastic sex feels like: exhilarating and terrifying all at once—but never, not for one moment, fearful.

ps: i didn't write this today. or yesterday. or even last week. 
i'm not going to tell you when i wrote. it.