the kennedy photo.

i was looking through old photos tonight, trying to decide if i should update the header of the blog--just for a bit of a change (because change can be good) and i was struck by this photo of my parents.

my mom was beautiful. always. of course.

but in this photo i was taken by how handsome my father was. he still is. of course. but here, he looks so darn confident and sure of himself. 

i hereby dub this my father's kennedy photo.

kennedy photo? i know, confusing.

let me explain.

i took a picture of my cousin this year and it came out so well, we decided it was his kennedy photo, thereby coining the term. meaning: in the photo one looks handsome, all-american, and full of promise (and a lot like a would-be-politician). if you've looked at enough photos of bobby and john then you know just what i'm talking about. the point is...having your own kennedy photo is a very good thing. 

i look at this photo and i think, of course my parents fell in love. and i'm lucky enough to know the aftermath of "happily ever after" and let me go on record as saying, yes, it's good. it's very, very wonderful.

mom. dad. i love you both so much. thanks for being exactly who you are. (and for passing on some pretty okay genes).