what to do in nyc: dumbo

okay, okay, so technically it's in brooklyn. well...i guess some of it's in manhattan too, but the dumbo i'm gonna talk about is across the bridge in the borough that is quickly becoming (well, actually, has been for a while) the place to be. 

dumbo stands for? down under the manhattan bridge overpass

to get there: from the 42nd street station take the A train (it's an express train--meaning it won't stop at every stop, but will get you there faster) to High Street. exit and orient yourself towards a large green park, walk through the park, veering to the left,  passing under a stone overpass and just head towards the water. eventually you'll run into brooklyn bridge park (an ideal picnic location) and home to many fun things in the summer--including, free movie showings on thursday nights.

or: get off the A at Chambers (home to city hall) and walk across the bridge. the views are amazing (though said to be more dramatic if you walk from brooklyn to manhattan). 

things to do:

1. Grimaldi's: uber-famous pizza parlor that you'll have to wait in line outside just to get into. i personally think the pizza is a wee-bit overrated, but it's an experience for sure, i've done it before (twice) and i'm sure i'll do it again.

2. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory: across the street from Grimaldi's the two go hand-in-hand. chances are you'll have to wait in line again, but it's refreshing and lovely to sit out on fulton-landing and take in the view. 

3. Five Front: it was here that my friend erica had her first date with a boy named chris. this past february they tied the knot and brought it full circle by celebrating at this delightfully charming restaurant. the food is good, the decor is homey and welcoming and it's a perfect place for a date, for sure. in fact, just talking about it now makes me want to go back. soon, very soon. 

the big appeal for me? cobble-stone streets and to-die-for views

right now i'm really into cheap things to do. and what's better than a picnic? i bought myself a 3 dollar piece of spinach pizza and a bottle of perrier and plopped down on the lawn to soak in the views. my friend carolyn came along . we listened to regina's new album as it played through carolyn's overturned headphones (albeit, very softly). and diana even came along for the ride. the only thing missing was our friend taza. she needs to come back to nyc for a visit soon. very, very soon. but i digress. 

that verizon building is a blight on the skyline. but what can you do?

we indulged in sweet treats from the ice cream factory. carolyn's familiar looking right? yup, you know her from taza's blog. told you so. and yes, she really is that beautiful. we did in fact all go to college together. 

"ice cream is the new health food": i need this sign for my kitchen. period. 

all in all it was a really fun, refreshing, and quite cheap outing. the cost of a subway ride (you gotta get the unlimited) and maybe, like 10 dollars in food. not bad. not bat at all.