in the middle of packing up my room and organizing my life, i bring you this snippet:

i have so much to tell you. and so little time.

this week i'm working my little toosh off (because i need the money). next week my mama comes for a visit. then i move. (oh, haven't i told you? not to worry, i'll still be in manhattan, but after five years on the upper west side it's time for a change. so washington i come). and then...i'm off to australia. time is flying.

so until i have more time, how's this?

1. i bought a bike. a folding bike. (the bike plan is two fold. 1: exercise; 2: avoid public transport which i so often loathe)

2. i bought a bupmit. twelve dollars at claire's. it's gonna revolutionize my hair. and thus my life.

3. and only now (entering my sixth year of manhattan living) have i discovered fort tryon park (home to the cloisters). and i can safely say, after only a few minutes there, it is hands down the most beautiful place in all of manhattan. views of the hudson river valley right here in our own backyard. i'll do a proper post on it, but for now i'll leave you with this...

image via google search.
see image in full glory, here.