dear husband-to-be,

i culled many wonderful and impressive gobs of knowledge from my time in australia.

chief among them is this:

a man looks far, far, far better when his suit is cut in the italian fashion.

why do american men wear their suits baggy and ill-fitting? they look like little boys playing dress up.

a well fitted suit-pant can make an okay-looking-man into a good-looking-man. a good-looking-man into a great-looking-man. and so on.

i can't even begin to imagine how you will look.

but because i am forced to wait for that fateful day when our eyes do meet, you cannot blame me for the torrid love affair i might just have with this man:

because he looks damn good in that suit. and because i would look damn good on the back of his vespa.

image via the only place
it could be from: