back to basics.

today i am unbelievably thankful for:

the fresh fall weather invading new york

the endless entertainment provided to me by 1. burn notice 2. true blood 3. nurse jackie 4. entourage

my brother's new job which will bring him to boston and thus far closer to me

now a reason to visit boston and a place to stay

avocados, sweet potatoes, nectarines. they make the quest for six + fruits and vegetables a day feasible

that today's second trip to the pool was a hundred times easier than the first. 

breakfasts at fairway with my friend angela where we plan our futures and impending marriages to actors alexander skarsgard (true blood's eric, hello?) and his father stellan. in our fantasy i marry stellan making me angela's stepmother. we're not quite sure why, but this running joke provides us with endless entertainment.

for tomorrow (it's a day off, ya know?).

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