this thing.

anytime i develop the slightest inkling of...mmm...let's call it infatuation, i experience the complete breakdown of the english language--or rather my grasp of it.

my native tongue becomes a foreign anomaly. foreign anomaly? can i say that? or is it repetitive and therefore grammatically incorrect and unnecessary? see what i mean, this thing is throwing everything off.

words do not come.

except when they do (see above rambling for example).

which is no better. because, as if collected in too small a space during their forced hiatus, they catapult out. slamming, careening and ricocheting, abutting

this is not the worst of it.

my hearing goes as well.

he speaks. i listen.

and do you know what i hear?

words interspersed with blips. great, universe-descending blips. holes in sound. and i am left to look questioningly and ask him to repeat himself. once.again. at which point, if i still hear more blip than word, i simply smile and nod, hoping it wasn't a question.

he must think the elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor.

but its just so hard when i so like the way his eyelashes curl.

image via daydream lily