in new york.

yesterday morning i woke up itching away. 

it was 4 am. 

and i had gone to bed wearing shoes.

all i wanted to do was take a hot shower.

and our hot water had been turned off.

this was a low point. 

a very, very, low point.

but i made the decision to have a good day.

and then learned that sometimes even making the decision does not a good day ensure.

but last night?

well, last night i slept until the gentle ding ding ding of my alarm. 

i then took a piping hot shower, drank in the autumnal air, and knew it would be a good day.

often, people here in manhattan want to know why i moved so far north. and this whole bed bug thing has increased the rapidity of those questions. 

well, to them i say this:

bed bugs and all i wouldn't change a thing. because this morning when i went for my jog, this is what i saw:

and yes. this was in new york city.