lipstick pick.

and it got me thinking.
about my own pick.

the past year or so i've taken a great liking to lipstick.
because my left eye leaks (a lot lately) spending any time on eye makeup tends to be a waste. 
so i do mascara and a strong lip.

but lately i've been wanting something a bit more natural--like a lip stain, but not quite.
i've been feeling very low maintenance
so my pick for the season is laura mercier's hydrating tint in "berry." 

it's actually more vibrant than it appears in the picture and as it wears off it definitely has a stain quality.

so there you go. 

my two cents because i know you wanted to know (what?). i'm talking crazy now.

but seriously. after working for a cosmetic company this is what i know--yes, those girls and guys are informed, but nothing beats spending a few hours in sephora and trying everything on. you know what looks good on you. or you'll learn. either way... win, win.