just a reminder.

cool autumnal air is pouring in through the the open windows, battling with the radiator (over which i have no control).

the candles are lit.

and the room is clean.

john legend is playing on the stereo. john legend is best played in the winter months.

the vase is clean, waiting for the flowers i'll pick up on my way home from work.

my parents arrive tonight.

i'm hoping we'll go to dinner at the new leaf cafe which by it's own description serves "seasonal modern American drawing inspiration from local green markets, upstate New York farms and New York City's community gardens" and the proceeds go to support Fort Tryon Park, the surrounding community, the 55 NYC community gardens, and four sponsored city parks. i'm realizing that what we eat, on a daily basis, affects everyone--the choices we make are important. it's not just about what we want in any given moment, it's about what's best for our health as well as the environment (but more about that later).

the whole point of this post was to re-post this:

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.


i began repeating these words to myself yesterday, and each time i did it was like hitting the re-set button. it made me stop, breathe, and send a little love my own way. and because of this...the room is clean and the candles are lit and john legend is playing on the stereo and i can feel love in all its many forms as i sit on the my stool and type this.

happy tuesday. enjoy this day.

image of new leaf via google search.