love. and Christmas.

have i told you?

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year.

it is a day of preparation and prayer.

a day when we decide that Christmas decorations as they stand, are done, and so we begin to clean.

a day when we take evening naps, readying ourselves for midnight mass.

and eat a dinner comprised completely of appetizers. and prosecco.

and then watch love actually (all four of us commenting--identifying our favorite scenes and rewinding to watch again and again as hugh grant {the golden oldie} busts a move.

and then we head to mass. my favorite event of the year.

i love this time of the year.


"love actually is all around"

whatever you believe, whatever you practice, may this season bring you the happiest of tidings. may you be blessed and loved. and share that love and goodwill with all.

Merry {Happy} Christmas!