what a difference a week makes.

i decided to start an early spring cleaning this year. in an effort to will spring to come. quickly. swiftly.

i reorganized my furniture: life-size tetrus.

attempted to weed things out of my storage bins: oversized junk drawers.

and in doing so i came across this card...

...from my father.

my parents are always sending me things at which i roll my eyes.

but inside was the note:

i saw this card and immediately thought of you.
i suspect you may have already used this quote on your blog.

that's all. twenty-four words.

and pulling it out and reading it over i thought of how as a child my father would print out sesame street characters from the computer and leave little notes in my lunch-boxes.

little note lunch-box days were the best.

there was never a reason.

no special occasion.

just because.

i am so thankful...

for parents who do things just because.
for early spring cleaning.
and unexpected stores of courage.
for men who make flirting easy because they're willing to meet you halfway.
for the laundromat that willingly takes my dirty socks.
for the fact that i'm the girl who never bothers to wear matching socks.
for borrowed books.
and renegade winter sunlight.
unexpected, kind emails. and loving comments.
for today and the feeling that anything is possible.