chicken soup and chest cough.

so among the 100 new year's resolutions i didn't make was the one where i promised myself i would post more often.

i'm not that girl who schedules her posts, who plans them in advance. i've tried. really, i have. and i'd like to be that girl, but alas...

i was good for about a week there. right? more pictures. more posts. and then i got the stomach flu, and then i got a little sad (which i'm not right now, thanks in part to all of your kind insight and support), and now i have the cold from hell.

about a week ago (sunday last to be exact) i felt it come on. by tuesday i felt normal. by wednesday night i was convinced i had strep and then again on friday i felt fine. saturday night brought an itchy throat and chest cough and yesterday ushered in a fever--my body trying to fry the virus. my poor, tiered little body kept trying to fight it, but each time it returned and nestled further into my chest. secured itself.

and the thing is... i'm a head-cold-kind-of-gal. this whole chest-cold thing is new territory. new, unwelcome territory.

so i have been soaking in baths, coating myself in vicks vaoprub, and downing copious amounts of chicken soup. it's all very glamorous. (it doesn't help that it's beyond cold in the city right now).

this is all to say... i am resolved to invest in my non-new-year's-resolution of posting more...just, once this cold has passed.

january was not really the month for my health.

here's hoping february is better.

can i let you in on a little secret:

the cold has flourished because of a lack of sleep.
lack of sleep in that i can't fall asleep at night.
because i have a new, wee of crush.
darn boys, keeping a girl from catching satisfying zzzzzzs.