dear husband-to-be,

so i guess you should know.


i fell in love with a guy a very long time ago. and he did not fall in love with me.

and around this time i fell out of love with myself.

and all this love and lack of love became very confusing.

i have a girlfriend who recently came out of a relationship and decided to take a weekend trip to meet up with a guy. she was in need of a sorbet, she said. something to cleanse the pallet. i said, if you're in need of a sorbet, i'm in need of some smelling salts. something to bring me back to life.

so i've decide to go in search of them. smelling salts, that is. lots of them. in all different flavors. so that i'll be wide awake. all refreshed and lived in and back-to-life when i meet you.

because i can't wait to meet you.

love, love,

the girl in search of sal volatile