me too. (a conciliatory action or peace offering of sorts).

sometimes i will have thoughts (little ones, easy ones--like go turn the coffee pot on) upwards of 15 times before it actually sticks long enough for me to do it.

i over think everything. i over analyze everything. i take ridiculous things personally.

and i sometimes give up too easily.

i am ashamed of nothing more than my ability to act selfishly.

i have no patience for people i consider less intelligent than myself. (this one hurts to ad

and am terrible at responding to emails.

i can't remember dates or appointments to save my life.

cultivating financial stability? what is that.

i will only eat bananas when they've been thinly-sliced and thoroughly saturated by the milk in my cheerio bowl. because other than that, i hate them. i hate their smell, their texture, the odor they leave in the garbage bin.

i am forever convinced that i've lost my keys or my wallet or my credit card. this leads to many an unnecessary moment of panic.

and i go quiet. i can't say what needs to be said. until it's too late. and then there's too much to say and the words i choose do more damage than good.

and i still can't cook.