what better time to contemplate love than a friday?

note: {the quote} i first saw this via a couple featured on either once wed or 100 layer cake but now for the life of me i can't remember which one. i am passing it on to you via them and many others. {as for the video} i really just want to share the song (beauty by the shivers)and this was the least distracting video i could find. so turn it up and go about cleaning your room or surfing elsewhere. my roommate amanda just introduced me to it and now i have it on continuous play. i cannot stop. seriously.

somehow this pairing of quote and song just makes sense to me.

love is the ultimate outlaw.

it just won't adhere to any rules.
the most any of us can do is sign
on as its accomplice. instead of vowing
to honor and obey, maybe we should
swear to aid and abet. that would
mean that security is out of the
question. the words make and
stay become inappropriate.
my love for you has no strings
attached. i love you for free.

tom robbins