a picnic along the tribeca waterfront.

my gorgeous (and unbelievably talented) friend, erica lives in tribeca with her clark-kent-of-a-husband, chris. (i blogged about their wedding, here).

oh, tribeca! to live in tribeca where the air is fresh and the crowds are sparse! (and the rent is sky-high).

they live there (at a great price, as luck would have it) in a single bedroom (in a hotel). the catch is..
there's no kitchen.

this would deter most.
not erica.
she cooks. without the kitchen.
and when i say cooks, i mean...really cooks.

erica being brilliant (as she is) has created a kitchen-of-sorts in the bathroom and a blog to go along with it.

today we met up in union square which (while i'm not really a fan of because of the huge crowds) has a massive and versatile greenmarket. and from there we headed home and the cooking began.

what i really love about erica's take on food is that she's adventurous about simplicity. and she believes in educating herself about what it is she's eating and why it's good for her.

i'm starting to think there's nothing like a time outdoors, good food, and girl-talk (intelligent girl-talk, at that!).

to see why i gush about this girl check out her very new and very exciting foray into blogdom.