i don't know what day it is.

i am not even sure where i live anymore. (i've been shuttling between my aunt's house in montclair and my apartment in the city).

i didn't mean to step away from here for so long.

but between my mother's visit and preparing to depart nyc in two weeks (and not return until september 18 {euf}), i actually feel my mind slipping through my fingers.

so forgive me. please, forgive me.

right now we're squeezing in a little last mother-daughter time. we're watching the bachelorette (what's with the bad hair extensions?) though my mother is occasionally (often, actually) changing the channel because (in her own words):

it makes her uncomfortable when they toot their own horn so hard.

this is all to say, i have not disappeared. i'll be back. tomorrow, in fact. (i think. i hope).