the post about absolutely nothing. the brain has gone.

i feel like i should have a grand story for you. some kind of recompense for my time away from this blogspot lover of mine.

nothing. i have nothing to give you.

i was spending time with my mom and aunt. but you knew that.

all i can say is that it was uneventful in the best possible way. trips to nordstrom (getting our makeup done), the christmas tree shop, bed, bath, and beyond. breakfasts in front of regis and kelly. home-cooked dinners at my aunt's house. running to get out of the rain. falling asleep on the couch at night.

oh and listening to the endless stories about their trip to morocco with a former ambassador.
needless to say, i was quite jealous, and would like to go. myself. immediately. (oh, with an ambassador in tow, if i could swing it {though seems doubtful}).

but there was not enough time. never is.

this is all to say that i am back. and that i enjoy eating out of bowls more than off of plates. and i cannot stand the sound of gum being chewed. that is all. thank you.