spot me if you can.

tonight i found this photo of my family and immediately started crying.

i look at it and see my little cousin kevin who got four shirley temples into the night before he was cut off. and his father who late in the evening commandeered the mike and rendered us speechless with a rendition of build me up buttercup in the style of elvis. then there's my cousin katie who's gonna be such a stunner when she's older (and has no idea). i see uncle bill who appraises it all ever so coolly (because truly he's far, far cooler than the rest of us). and my aunt mary-beth who gets down on the dance floor like it's nobody's business. and uncle joe who asked my mother to dance (during the polka or something like it) and i don't think her feet touched the floor but twice.

the list goes on and on.

and i shed tears of joy because i'm so thankful to be part of such a... (let's call it boisterous)...clan.

photo by dolce studio