on not eating meat.

so i gave up eating meat going on a year now.

i wouldn't call myself a vegetarian, because if the craving calls, i'll answer.
but for the most part i choose not to partake. and i love how it makes me feel--like i'm doing my small part for the environment. not to mention i'm more confident about what exactly it is i'm putting in my body.
(yes, i take longer to choose an item off the menu. and yes this is a pain for my dining-out companion, but small trade-offs, you know)?

so i've been craving chili for going on two months now. i don't know why i think of it as a summer food--i know, i know, it is a winter food, but there you have it--and my mother graciously accepted the challenge of making vegetarian chili. but not just vegetarian...vegetarian chili sans any kind of canned tomato.

and canned tomatos are number one.

it was the same article that had me convincing my mother to get the alaskan salmon at the fish counter yesterday. atlantic salmon is out of the question, i said. it's farm raised--the fish are kept in unbelievably close quarters and fed grains. the alaskan salmon was 13 dollars more per pound, but my mother kindly obliged.

look, i know 13 dollars is a big leap in price. in any economy. but the benefit to the health and environment (in my opinion) far outweighs the cost.

my parents often take all the information i spew with a grain of salt (keep in mind i was raised in a household that had grilled chicken for dinner every night). and you know what? i get it. i get why they're weary of some of the things i have to say. (often because i'm not terribly articulate with the facts). but they've been so supportive and willing to try.

and the thing is... i think this process of reevaluating our food's impact has given us all a little extra to chew on. (euf, bad pun, so bad! but i couldn't resist).


can't make the leap the becoming a full-time vegetarian? maybe you don't have to. check out this TED video.

and again, please, please peruse the aforementioned article. i've not been able to stop thinking about it since i read it over a month ago.

okay, okay. soapbox/infomercial, whatever this ended up becoming...fin.