a fourth of july three day holiday.

provo parade

nothing makes the heart go pitter patter quite like red, white, and blue. (on the 4th).

flags in provo.


it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...benvolio?

i had the loveliest weekend celebrating america's independence. here in provo it was something of a three day affair.

on saturday i headed with some friends to see the grassroots production of romeo and juliet. actors and performers and the like love to borrow and steal and pay homage to others so we went for ideas. with a cooler of bread, cheese, and grapes there was nothing like sitting on a sloping green hill, mountains all aglow in the distance, having an interactive and very fun shakespeare experience.

then on sunday night a lovely blog-reader jess kindly invited me over for sunday night dinner. we talked and laughed and i felt so included and cared for. nothing like a home cooked meal.(pictures to come).

and then this morning we woke good and early to catch the parade that heads down center street. i must say that when celebrating the fourth, nothing makes my heart go pitter-patter quite like the sight of red, white, and blue: flags. lots, and lots of flags, please. however,sitting in the sun for a few hours has taken it out of me and i am pooped, ready for a nap. (did i mention i have a farmer's tan on precisely one arm. yup, just one).

hoping your weekend was just as wonderful as mine!